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March-April Grand Lodge Newsletter

Obituary: Capt. Elmer V. Dunn - ISMA Pennant No. 10349

Last call for tickets for boat trip raffle being held by Lodge 22.  Drawing is May 1.

"American maritime industry a strong asset to U.S. economy, national security"
A commentary in the March 25 edition of the Washington Times by Congressmen Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Steve Scalise (R-LA).  

NE Michigan Lodge 19 greets first ship of the season arriving in port of Alpena

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will hold a Great Lakes Navigation Stakeholder meeting at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at Detroit Metro AirportRSVP is requested by April 3. 
Click here for additional details 

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued the investigative report of an engine room fire aboard the towing vessel Marguerite L. Terral in June of 2012 on the Lower Mississippi River.  Several lessons can be learned from this incident.

National Maritime Center to begin issuing automatically post-dated mariner credentials

National Maritime Center changes merchant mariner appeal process.

Obituary: Capt. William A. Vallier - ISMA Pennant No. 10125

Lodge Newsletter

The USCG sent a letter advising Great Lakes carriers that this is a particularly bad ice year, that breakout will be long and difficult, and that the carriers should consider delaying sail dates and curtailing early operations where possible until ice conditions on the lakes improve.  (Courtesy of Bryant's Maritime Consulting).

CNBC reports from US Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock (2 video clips).

03-11-14:  Video: Memorial ceremony held for Past Grand President Dean Hobbs.

Photos from the blessing of the fleet have been posted on the photo page.

03-04-14: The USCG has revised its list of buoys & lighthouses they propose to discontinue.  Additions to the list include 4 buoys in Cleveland Harbor, and 4 buoys in Conners Creek area of the Detroit River.  Due to opposition from the maritime community, Rock of Ages light has been removed from the list.  Although the Rock of Ages lighthouse structure has been transferred to the National Park Service, the Coast Guard will continue to operate the Federal aid to navigation.

03-01-14:  The U.S. Coast Guard has presented lodge member Norman Raymond with the Captain David P. Dobbins Award for his role in rescuing two persons from the Detroit River on August 11, 2013.  Click Here for the news article.   

A bipartisan group of Great Lakes senators has written to Army Corps of Engineers leaders, urging them to direct additional funding for harbor maintenance projects on the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes Maritime Task Force, of which ISMA is a member, has issued its annual report for 2013.  

The Navigation, Engineering and Legislative Committee is asking all U.S. ISMA members to contact their Senators & Representative and ask that more capable helicopters be assigned to the two USCG Air Stations on the Great Lakes.     Sample Letter     
To find the names and addresses of your representatives, Click Here.

NOAA has announced that PDF versions of their nautical charts will become a permanent product, free to the public.   NOAA Press Release

Coalition asks for USCG rule change allowing river barge traffic in Port of Muskegon.
ISMA has not taken an official position on the proposed change.
  Lodge member Capt. Luke Clyburn receives the Chairman's Medal from the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Program.

  At its meeting today, the Board of Governors of Detroit Lodge No. 7 approved donations to the Noble Odyssey Foundation, Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association, and the Lost Mariners Remembrance event, scheduled for November 10, 2014 at Dossin Museum.

The USCG has approved or proposed plans to discontinue 44 buoys and 2 lighthouses on the Great Lakes. The ISMA Navigation Engineering and Legislative Committee is evaluating the list and will be commenting on several of the proposed changes.  

02-14-14:  Obituary: Capt. Robert D. Waller, ISMA Pennant No. 11830.  Member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 from 1999-2012. 

02-13-14: Meeting in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan for its annual convention, the ISMA Grand Lodge unanimously approved a proposal to advocate for the assignment of longer-range Jayhawk helicopters to the USCG air stations on the Great Lakes. 

02-13-14:  Meeting in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan for its annual convention, the ISMA Grand Lodge approved a proposal advocating the construction and use of portable gangways at the Soo Locks. 

02-10-14:  Notice of proposed revisions to Seaway Practices and Procedures to be effective on March 31, 2014.   Comments must be received by March 10, 2014.

02-03-14:  January-February Grand Lodge Newsletter

01-22-14:  The USCG has issued a Medical Certificate NVIC (Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular) providing guidance for the issuance of medical certificates under the STCW code.

01-22-14: The USCG has issued a Basic Training NVIC (Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular) providing guidance for qualification and revalidation in Basic Training (BT), formerly known as Basic Safety Training (BST). 

01-17-14:  Lodge Newsletter

01-15-14:  New Nautical Chart Issued for St. Marys River - The first edition of Chart 14887 (St. Marys River – Vicinity of Neebish Island) is available this week as a paper print-on-demand chart, PDF, and raster navigational chart. The electronic navigational chart will be available by March.

01-10-14:  Medical Certificate Issuance - In response to changing procedures associated with the  STCW Convention, the Coast Guard is issuing separate medical certificates to certify mariner compliance with minimum medical standards. For more information, click here.

12-18-13:  Lodge Newsletter

12-16-13:  November - December Grand Lodge Newsletter

12-01-13:  Lodge member John Jamian writes column for Detroit Free Press emphasizing the importance of Great Lakes shipping.

11-23-13:  Obituary: Past Grand President Dean Hobbs - ISMA Pennant No. 10329.

11-13-13:  Obituary: Captain Patrick F. Owens - ISMA Pennant No. 9870.  Passed away on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 after a lengthy battle with Parkinson's disease.  Captain Owens was a member of ISMA for over 52 years, and served as Grand President in 2002. 

11-13-13:  Lodge Newsletter & Calendar of Events

10-22-13:  NOAA announces discontinuance of traditional paper nautical charts.

10-12-13:  Twin Sault Lodge No. 22 launches freighter trip raffle

09-28-13: Obituary: Captain William A. Hoey III - ISMA Pennant No. 10147. Passed away on Saturday evening, September 28, 2013. Captain Hoey was a member of Detroit Lodge No. 7 for nearly 50 years and served as Grand President in 1983. 

09-27-13:  September - October Grand Lodge Newsletter

09-26-13: Obituary: Captain H. Peter Gronwall - ISMA Pennant No. 9295  -  Member of Toledo Lodge No. 9 - Passed away on September 10, 2013 at the age of 87.  Captain Gronwall sailed for American Steamship Company for 53 years, 30 of those years as Captain.  He commanded vessels such as Diamond Alkali, St. Clair, Belle River, and Indiana Harbor, from which he retired in 1986.  His father, Capt. Oscar Gronwall, was past president of Buffalo Lodge No. 1. 

09-15-13:  Obituary: Captain William G. Barnhardt - ISMA Pennant No. 11749.  Member of Port Huron Lodge No. 2.  Passed away unexpectedly on September 13, 2013.  LCDR Barnhardt was Captain of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet training ship, Grayfox, based in Port Huron, Michigan. Slide Presentation prepared by Port Huron Lodge No. 2

09-05-13:  Obituary:  Captain Harlow D. Anderson - ISMA Pennant No. 10275.  Former member of Twin Ports Lodge No. 12.  Sailed as Captain with Oglebay-Norton for 17 years, retiring in 1997.

08-28-13:  Lodge No. 7 & Great Lakes Maritime Institute work to preserve relics from storm of 1913

08-22-13:  National Transportation Safety Board releases report on fire aboard the Patrice McAllister (formerly known as the tug Cleveland) which occurred on Lake Ontario on March 27, 2012.  Five crewmembers were injured and the Chief Engineer lost his life in this incident.

08-16-13:  Lodge Newsletter

07-30-13:   Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Chairman of the House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee cited the critical role of America’s domestic maritime industry in an op-ed at

07-23-13:  July - August Grand Lodge Newsletter

06-17-13:  May - June Grand Lodge Newsletter.  This is the first Grand Lodge Newsletter to go all-electronic.

05-24-13: Obituary: Captain Harry A. Anderson - ISMA Pennant No. 7007.  Passed away on May 22, 2013 at the age of 103.  Captain Anderson sailed for the Cleveland-Cliffs Steamship Company for many years and was well known around the Great Lakes.  He was a member of Cleveland Lodge No. 4. Profile of Capt. Anderson written by his son in 2008 
2006 Newspaper article about Captain Anderson

05-23-13:  The US Coast Guard has issued a Safety Alert advising the SEACHOICE Products LED Navigation Light SCP #03201, being marketed as a “masthead” or “navigation” light does not meet federal visibility requirements. Owners or operators who may have installed this light on their vessel as a navigation light should remove it and replace it with a proper light.  (Courtesy of Bryant's Maritime Consulting).

05-09-13:  C&G News: U.S. Navy Cuts Funding to Regional Sea Cadet Program
Note: At this time of federal budget cuts, the Sea Cadet program is reaching out to the public for financial assistance.  To make a tax deductible contribution, visit  

04-25-13:  Obituary: Lodge Sentinel Bernard M. "Bernie" Ogden - ISMA Pennant No. A-11271

04-09-13:  Detroit Lodge No. 7 reiterated its support of Senate Bill 0266 and House Bill 4489, which have been introduced in the Michigan Legislature. Both bills would bring Michigan's ballast water regulations in-line with laws of neighboring states and provinces.  The lodge intends to contact various senators & representatives in support of this legislation. Sample letter to Senator
Sample letter to Representative

04-05-13: A recent Detroit News article details how Mariners’ Church of Detroit helped sailors and guided escaped slaves to freedom.  Lodge member Fr. Rich Ingalls, Jr. is quoted in the article along with Fr. Jesse Roby.

04-05-13:  Joseph Cabadas of the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) wrote a Feature article on  Mariners’ Church of Detroit.  The article summarizes Mariners’ history along with member connections to the DAC, including Ivan Ludington, who for many years presented the Captain Lewis Ludington Award at Mariners’ Blessing of the Fleet services.

04-04-13: EPA Finalizes New Vessel General Permit to Protect U.S. Waters from Invasive Species

03-31-13: Help Save the SS United States.  Join the global effort! Visit an interactive website to explore the SS United States, learn her history and select a piece of America's Flagship to call your own.

03-28-13:  State Senator advocates easing Michigan's Ballast Water Restrictions

03-22-13:  USCG Safety Alert regarding counterfeit B-II portable fire extinguishers.

03-22-13:  USCG Safety Alert regarding bow riding in heavy weather. 

03-03-13: Newspaper article mentions ISMA, Capt. Seann O'Donoughue, and the pending closure of Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio. 

02-16-13:  The Maritime Administration (MARAD) issued a news release stating that overall US maritime cargo volumes on the Great Lakes are recovering from the extreme lows experienced in 2009. The report, Status of the US-Flag Great Lakes Water Transportation Industry finds that the US Great Lakes maritime industry is generally healthy and providing efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation services.   (Brought to our attention by Bryant's Maritime Consulting).

02-14-13:  Important Announcement regarding the Grand Lodge Newsletter moving to electronic format.  Members are urged to have a valid e-mail address on file with their local lodge secretary.  E-Mail updates and corrections can be sent to

02-12-13: Study says Great Lakes Shipping is the most carbon friendly, efficient mode of transportation

02-01-13:  The U.S. Coast Guard has posted an 85-page compilation of safety alerts, safety advisories, and lessons learned from 2008-2012.   (Brought to our attention by Bryant's Maritime Consulting).

01-22-13:  Lodge member Bill Kohler has article published in Wooden Boat magazine about Ohio Pound-Net Boats which were used by Lake Erie fishermen in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  

01-22-13:  Lodge member Larry Stephenson and his wife Carol write article for Grosse Pointe Yacht Club's magazine about crossing Lake Michigan aboard the carferry Badger with Past Grand President Capt. Dean Hobbs. 

12-03-12:  Chicago Tribune column about Chicago Lodge No. 3 and its President, Mark Stevenson

11-05-12:  The USCG has issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin advising owners, operators, and masters of US vessels operating in Canadian waters of changes to engineer manning requirements. Effective October 26, 2013, Canada will require US vessels, under their Marine Personnel Regulations, to perform an engineering watch on vessels having a propulsive power of at least 750 kW (1000 HP). The Canadian regulations will apply to vessels en route to and from a Canadian port. These regulations will not apply to US vessels transiting through Canadian waters from one US port directly to another. The Canadian regulations will primarily affect US uninspected vessels such as towing vessels, but have the potential to affect certain small-passenger vessels falling below the US tonnage threshold for a Chief Engineer.

10-15-12: The US Coast Guard has issued a Final Rule stating that speed limits will no longer apply to the 2.5 mile section of the Detroit River between Detroit River Light and Light D33.  The ISMA Navigation, Legislative, and Engineering Committee (NELC) has been advocating for this change.

10-06-12:  The US Coast Guard issued a Safety Alert stating that certain Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs with Hammar MA1 hydrostatic (HIT) inflation systems may not inflate and require a new re-arm kit to properly inflate by manual or automatic activation.  (courtesy of Bryant's Maritime Consulting)

09-19-12:  Mustang Survival has issued a Safety Alert concerning certain Mustang Survival HIT Inflatable personal floatation devices that may be subject to delayed or non-inflations.



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