52nd Annual Blessing of the Fleet at Mariners' Church of Detroit - March 2016

Captain James E. Daleski receives the Lewis Ludington Award

Captain Daleski is a member of Northeast Michigan Lodge No. 19 and a native of Alpena, Michigan.  He began his sailing career in 1948
as a porter on the Samuel Mitchell of the Huron Cement fleet.  He became a deckhand in 1949, and later served in the U.S. Navy from 1951
to 1954.   In 1958, he served as third mate on the John W. Boardman.  In 1971, he became captain of the steamer E.M. Ford, and in 1973,
was appointed captain on the J.A.W. Iglehart.  Captain Daleski has been a member of the International Shipmasters' Association since 1983
when he became a charter member of Northeast Michigan Lodge No. 19.  In 1986, Captain Daleski was elected as Grand Lodge President.  

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