1966 Grand Lodge Convention in Chicago

Ervin L. Malloch elected Grand President

1966 Grand Lodge Convention
GRAND LODGE OFFICERS - 1966 I.S.M.A. Grand Lodge Convention
- Chicago, IL

                   Seated:  (Left to right) Ken LeRoy, Anthony Rico, Ervin L. Malloch (Grand President), Ace Zyp, William Jagenow

                   Back Row:  Charles Valentine, James Cowan, Dudley Paquette, Ray Millar

    Front Row (L-R): Valentine, J. Cowan, LeRoy, Rico, Malloch, Zyp, McDonald, Millar, Jagenow
    Second Row: Hanson, Dix, Minton, Ferson, Tenhula, Peo, Heslip, Allen, Gallagher, MacDermid, H. Cowan, Willamson, Hagerty, Bratton, Stacko
    Third Row: Johnson, Murray, Grainger, R. Weber, Munro, Morrison, Crawford, Zahorik, Baker, Harder, F. Weber, O'Hara, Clarke, Goransson, Becker

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